Le Chardonnay
The Jewel of the Cray
Chardonnay has fluffy, white buds with golden edges, green leaves pulling slightly on the yellow, tanned on their dents and practically hairless back.
They have the particularity, which is not shared by any other grape variety, to have two large ribs bordering exactly the tail cutout.
Its grape are the size and shape of those of Pinot Noir, but longer and less tight.
Its grains are small, spherical, yellow-green, which can turn golden yellow and even amber when very ripe.
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Our house uses two grape varieties ; a Chardonnay Grand Cru grape from the Côte des Blancs and a Meunier grape from the Vallée de la Marne.
Discover the particularity of each of these grape varieties to appreciate their finesse...
Le Pinot Meunier
The King of Champagne
Pinot meunier (black grape): it is called simply meunier and pinot meunier in Champagne, its real fiefdom to the point of occupying a third of the vineyard or nearly 11,000 ha. It is the second most planted grape variety behind pinot noir (38%) and ahead of chardonnay (28%). In the Marne department alone, it covers 8410 hectares or 37% of the area. One would think that this almost dominant position would earn him recognition equal to what he brings to Champagne.